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Healthy Puppies are Happy Puppies

Healthy Puppies are Happy Puppies

The English Bulldog


Buying a pet should be researched intensely before making that final decision. When buying any pet you should research the breed to make sure they will be suited for your lifestyle. Finding a pet is like deciding to have a child and should be approached with as much consideration.  It is a lifetime commitment.

Raising and owning English Bulldogs has been a real joy for us. From the onset we realized it was our duty to breed for a healthy, happy, well socialized English bulldog puppy. Thusly creating a highly desired pet for the new owner. English bulldogs are the most affectionate and loving pets we have ever owned.

Bulldogs as a group have a reputation for health problems. Much of this has been due to the deliberate breeding of bulldogs that have documented, genetically based, health problems. Instead of pulling the English Bulldogs out of a breeding program that exhibit these problems, some breeders will continue to propagate and produce unhealthy English bulldog puppies.

Of course genetics are not cut and dry and as any honest person will tell you, anything can pop up. However, if you reduce the number of negative names in the hat, you are less likely to draw that negative name. Health, temperament and conformity to English bulldog breed standards are all necessary ingredients.

We have spent much time researching the genetic backgrounds of our English bulldog lineage to decrease the problems that are so common to the English bulldog. We place our greatest efforts on health, simply because this is the biggest weakness in the bulldog breed. Temperament and conformation are visibly and outwardly obvious to everyone. Health costs are generally hidden and can be two and even three times the initial cost of the English bulldog puppy in vet bills. It is unfair to the bulldog puppy, as well as the future owner, for any breeder not to address this problem with zest. We are dedicated to not perpetrating this.A lot of time and effort is put into our puppies before they are sent to their new homes. From conception to eight weeks, our puppies are under constant supervision by us. We thoroughly enjoy watching the puppies grow and develop. Seeing the happiness and joy it brings to the new owners life makes it all worthwhile.  Our desire is to place our beautiful bulldog puppies into your hands with all the pride and joy in our heart.

We would love to be your choice for the next addition to your family. If you would like to own a beautiful, healthy, happy, well socialized English bulldog puppy that has been bred by people that love the bulldog breed, contact us.